The position of Kosovo and Metohija - part of the central territory of the Balkan peninsula, makes this area especially important for all forces which have been competing for dominance in this region for centuries. 

Kosovo and Metohija is of priority importance in all U.S. geopolitical strategies in the Balkans. Foreign military forces, under direct control of the United States, are deployed in Macedonia, which is the geographic center of the Balkans. Military analysts underscore that Albania has been placed under an international military protectorate - so-called Operation Alba, in which the U.S. strategy is dominant. The foreign policies of most Balkan countries are conditioned by U.S. military interests. Yugoslavia and Serbia certainly pose an obstacle to the further strengthening of the U.S. military and political influence in the region. The weakening of Serbia, first by its destabilization, and then by stripping it of Kosovo and Metohija, would definitely enable the unhindered military deployment of the United States in the region, and the final elimination of the Russian influence, which is the real and the only objective of the NATO aggression on Yugoslavia.  

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Kosovo and Metohija is in the very center of the so-called Islamic transversal - the pathway of the Islamic breakthrough into Europe, whose main exponent is Turkey. According to some analysts, the United States has entrusted Turkey with the role of guardian of U.S. interests in the Islamic world. Albania also has an important role in all U.S. strategic plans in the Balkans. Analysts estimate that the role of Albania is to cut the Orthodox transversal, passing practically from the Baltics to the Mediterranean, and to strengthen the Islamic environment surrounding Serbia. The United States is managing Albania's political activities. The proven participation of Albania in terrorist actions in the territory of Serbia's Kosovo and Metohija province certainly had the approval of the United States. From the onset of the aggression on Yugoslavia, all terrorist activities, both in Kosovo and Metohija itself and those from Albania, have been synchronized with U.S. air force actions. 

The geostrategic position of Kosovo and Metohija is very important for Yugoslavia, because this region covers the border with Albania and two-thirds of the border with Macedonia. Without Kosovo and Metohija within Yugoslavia and Serbia, the country's defense capability would be significantly reduced.